Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Hello family of mine,

Whats happenin?? I'm here, in Guatemala. The greatest land on earth.

It just so happens that the rainy season has started a little bit early here, and it also happens that my zone is one of the worst ones to be in for the rain. Proabably my area is one of the worst areas to be in too..... who knows. But I love the rain! It makes me super happy. Maybe I won't love it in a few months, but I love it now!

Right now we dont have many people to teach. We have 2 jovenes that we are teaching, that the ward has basically done all the work. We are hoping for baptisms of them this month. We just have to get the dang permisson.

Tuesday I don't really remember what happened. It was a good day, I know it. (everyday is a good day right?)

Wednesday was pretty good. We went to the are of the sisters in our district to help them out in one lesson. It was a pretty good lesson. Then when we left it was raining, and it was late... no busses. So we start walking, having faith something good will happen.... it did. A guy picked us up, and he was acting all weird. We started talking to him and he was like, oh you guys are the church that worship Joseph Smith, and you all think that he is going to become God... he just started telling us a whole bunch of stuff. Then We just bore our testimonies, and I started talking about eternal families. Right at the same time we were about to get out of the car, he was like, "Elders, im in the fight too. Im sealed with my wife." and we are thinking... catholics cant do that??????? He was like, "Im Elders Quorum President in such and such Ward." HAHAHA Totally fooled us.

Then we went and taught some people, and it was pouring pouring, and we had to walk home... 2.5 kilometers up a river basically. Good thing we borrowed some umbrellas, cause we didnt have anything.

Thursday was good too.... I dont exactly remember it.... sometimes the days just mush together. If nothing super special or funny happens, I dont remember the day.

Friday, we had to go take a survey on lds.org, to prepare for a conference that we are having with Elder Gavarette... I think that is his name. But we went to the sisters area again, cause aint no internet in San Luis. So we got done and it was raining once again.... POURING. We didnt have umbrellas once again, and the internet place was on a different street than the main street. So we had to run to the main street and find cover to wait for the bus. So we were running and running... in front of a ton of people hiding under tiendas and places like that. four missionaries, soaking wet, just running. HAHAHA super super funny. Everyone was laughing. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

Then we did divisions. I stayed in my area with another elder called Elder Apaza. He has 3 weeks in the mission, so it was pretty fun. We taught like a bunch of missionaries. Cool huh??

Saturday........ once again... dont remember. We visited a lot of people that had questions about baptisms for the dead... We are lucky we have the chance to help our family out on the other side huh?? Whenever we talk about temples or baptisms for the dead, I always think of my mommy, and all the people she has helped. Mom... you are cool.

Sunday, our family that we are teaching, who promised would come to church, didn't show up. So we are proabably going to drop them. Super sad cause I have seen a mountain of changes in their lives. Just be listening to us. Our other family, the husband works, so we cant visit him until next week when he has vacations. and the other family just lives far away and arent super interested. We just need to teach them a few more times, and we will see what happens.

I was in the office today, talking to one of the secretaries and he said most gringos stay in their first area for 6 months........... Im ready to go..... My time has come and gone in San Luis, I sorta hope.

This Wednesday Im the chosen one to baptise our cocineras grandson. His dad cant baptize him, so I was picked. This litte guy is super awesome. I will be sure to send pictures. (if I can resize them, Dad judged me. I dont know how to do that).

Anywho, this week was a good one. My english is suffering, and the church is the truest stuff on earth. We are so blessed with this knowledge. I have been thinking this week that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ. His church. Why dont we share the truth? Dear everyone, SHARE THE TRUTH!

I love you so so so much. Never ever be inactive, or someone that just goes with the flow. If you dont have a testimony, get one. The church is true, and I know it with my whole heart.

I love you I love you I love you!!! Thanks for my package.

Elder Jensen

PS I finally got sick... last night. I was up a few times on the toilet. Now I am super tired. I go nigh nigh until 6. lucky me. I dont know what made me sick, but I drank a cocnut last night, and it was gross, so I'm blaming that. I dont like being sick. Its dumb.

PS again. Never forget how blessed we are to live in a safe, clean place. We don't have very many worries. Some people here worry about their next meal. We are so blessed. Help others. I love you so much!

I love you!!!!

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