Monday, April 2, 2012

More Love From Guatemala

Hello Family!!!

First of all, how great was conference??? I don't know if you all
heard the talk by some man... don't remember his name, but he said in
his talk that you should all write missionaries. Not just a quick
email, but write them. I'll be expecting some letters in the weeks to
come!! haha

This week was a good one. I now have a new companion. His name is
Elder Cieza. From Lima, Peru!!! He is just a little guy, and such a
hard worker. He is what we call a flechon. I'm pretty dang lucky to
have him. Our district changed a lot too... We went from having 5
gringos and 1 latino to 5 latinos and 1 gringo. Yeah... I speak
Spanish. Everyone got changed except me and Elder Navas, mi amigo.

We had a pretty intense experience the other day. We went to out Ward
Mission Leaders house and there happened to be some "missionary" from
another church. So we sat down to talk. We sang a hymn and prayed and
then we started teaching about prophets. He was listening and every
thing then he just started talking in circles and got all nervous. He
said not everyone is a child of God, and all kinds of weird stuff.
Elder Cieza and I just bore super powerful testimonies, gave him a
restoration folleto, and walked away. Such a testimony builder. We
have answers to every question. We have the truth. Also we have a
prophet here on earth.

Conference was the best. I noticed that I feel the Spirit so much
stronger when President Monson stands up and walks to the pulpit.
Because he is truly a prophet of God. He speaks face to face with Him,
as did Moses. We are so lucky to have the truth.

For conference we had ourselves a little party. We had a little
English room and we made brownies and just ate food. I sure wish every
day we had conference.

This week is Semana Santa. We don't work on Thursday or Friday cause
everyone is gone! So as a mission, we are going to read the Book of
Mormon, out loud, in 36 hours. Each zone is going to race, if someone
eats, sleeps, or pees, we all have to stop, and I just have a feeling
we are going to smash everyone else. We are starting Thursday at noon
and going all night if we can. I think it will be fun!

Alright we are going to go eat at McDonalds. Sorry this letter is
lame. I didn't have much time. I love you all so much. No time for
pictures. SORRY!!

Elder Jensen

I love you

ps remember how much they talked about families in conference?? cool huh?

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