Monday, April 30, 2012

Moral of the Day


What´s up??

Well... I´m just a missionary here in Guatemala. Still here. Working working working. A little stressed, a little tired, but I sure love the people, and I sure love the message, and that´s all that counts! Right??

I studied a little bit about the Atonement this week. Wowser that stuf is great. If you are reading this letter, go grab your scriptures right now..................................................... open to Mosiah 15:9............................. read it.......................................... wow. There are two things important here - justice, and mercy. My super favorite part, "standing betwixt them and justice." Jesus Chirst suffered so much for each one of us, so He can stand betwixt us and justice. Those words are perfect. I love love love love love this scripture. It is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something else I learned this week. To come into this world, we are born with 3 basic things - water, blood, and spirit. To return to the presence of God, and recieve life eternal, we need 3 basic things - water, spirit, blood. ---> Baptism, confirmation, and the Sacrament every week. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is such a powerful thing, that I never really studied or understood, and still don´t understand everything. All I know, is through His blood, we can repent and as He stands betwixt us and justice, we can recieve life eternal. Of course we can´t just sit in the house and do nothing, and we recieve eternal life, we have to have actions. Because faith without actions is dead. Today is the day, act now, so in the judgement we have out Lawyer, our Brother standing betwixt us and justice. We sure are lucky and blessed!

This week was a super super good one. Lots of work, some laughs, and some frustraions. All packed into one week, and I sure am tired.

Tuesday - where did we go????? THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We drove to Xela as a zone and boy was it a great day. I felt like I was in Provo, because it is the EXACT same climate. weird huh?? It was just a dream all day. I loved every second of it. We were able to relax, outside of this world! After the temple, we ate pizza. yummy. The coolest part, was President Maravilla and his wife were there too. Man I love them. They are just super gross lovebirds though. They always kiss. After every talk, after everything! EW! But I´m pretty sure I have the best mission president in the world. Moral of the day - go to the temple always

Wednesday - it super super rained. It was super super great. I love the rain, even when it is a lot. I´m crazy. Moral of the day - pack a rain coat.

Thursday - We worked pretty hard. I think the weather is super bipolar, cause Thursday - today is hot hot and no rain. Our best friends in San Luis are the drunks. They ALWAYS talk to us. We invited one to church and he was so happy, he grabbed my arm and kissed me. luckily he missed my arm and got my watch... wow. Also in the night time we were walking, and I felt something weird hit my shoulder. like a tiny rock or something, i dont know. but I was all confused and we kept walking. I felt a super big impression to turn around and walk back, so we did. We contacted a house AND.... nothing happened. Moral of the day - we should always always act on the promptings we get. I think the Spirit is just building trust. We are going to go back to that house though, we´ll see what happens. We never know the impact of our little actions.

Friday - Our investigators are progressing. We aren´t teaching many families, but we are searching. Right now we have three teenagers. We visited one of them Friday and she recieved an answer to her prayers, she loves reading the Book of Mormon, and it gives her the desire to go to church. She already has tons of friends in the church. So we are planning the baptism for the 6th or the 12th. not sure yet. I´m thinking the 6th. So is she. If I change areas, I will leave the 9th and she wants me to be there. So we will see how that goes. Moral of the day - there is power in the simple things - prayer, scripture study, going to church. I love it

Saturday - In the morning we served with our ward, we super cleaned the grounds to the chapel. It was fun. I sure love the ward here. They always make fun of the gringo, but I love it. Also, since Elder Cieza is District Leader, we had to go to the area of the sisters in our district, Muluá. They had a baptism and he had to do the interview. We stayed for the baptism too. Cutting it close, interview right before the baptism, but this week we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Super busy, lots of work. It´s all good. Moral of the day - breathe

Sunday - We were sitting in Sacrament meeting, and our chapel is super small you can hear and see when someone walks in. A drunk guy (different one than the kisser) walked in. Elder Cieza and I went to take him out, like security. All he wanted was money. We told him we didn´t have any, so he said bad words and ran away. Good thing I don´t know the bad words yet. (some of them haha). We saw some miracle in sacrament meeting. We started with about 30 people, and ended with 85. People came to church that haven´t been in a really long time. 20 less actives. THAT IS A MIRACLE. Guess what?? We are starting to see fruits of our labors, even though there aren´t baptisms, people are returning. I love it. Moral of the day - go to church, even if you are late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I´m super glad to be here as a missionary. I have been blessed so much.

The only bad part about it is no one in the mission has money right now, until tomorrow, because the finance secretary forgot to put money in. So we can´t go shopping. rough times. Also I have spent a ton of money from my account because this month was a long one, we had to pay our cocinera 3 times. (we pay every two weeks). So can you check to make super I have enough.

Thank you all for your prayers, love, letters, support. I love you so so much.

Elder Jensen

PS. I love you

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