Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is up my fams................

How on earth are you????? Cause I am here in Guatemala. Cool huh? Man I love this place so stinkin much. Wanna know something? It is proabably the best place on earth. I love the language, I love the people, I love being a missionary, I love the food, I love the giant cockroaches, I love ants, I love mangos, I love mosh, I love beans.

This week was Semana Santa. Wow it is insane here. Monday and Tuesday were just kinda crazy, nothing much happened. Wednesday was when it started getting crazy.

Everyone here makes themselves a little scarecrow looking guy... and who does it represent?? Judas Iscariot, ever heard of him? yeah... Well the people just paint their faces, put on costumes, and carry around Judas while beating some drums. They go house to house asking for bread or money, and the people give it to them..... Then Thursday night they burn all the Judas guys. Unfortunately I missed a lot of Semana Santa, it is dangerous for us to be out cause everyone is drunk, and we cant really work cause everyone is at the beach or doing who knows what....

So for Thursday and Friday we read the Book of Mormon. We started Thursday at 3 pm and read... and read... and read... and read. Took some breaks, and read some more............................ We finally finished Saturday morning at 4:45. That is 46 hours of no sleep. We started with all 22 missionaries in our zone, and ended with 7. I was one of them.... oh my I was tired. We just stood in a circle cause we couldnt sit down or we get sleepy!! It was pretty fun!!

This week was good too cause we found a few families to teach. With Elder Reed we didnt have much to teach, even though we were working, the people just didnt wanna listen. With Elder Cieza, we are only focusing on families. Right now we have 3 families to teach. It is cool!

Im pretty sure my package is in the mission office, and the Zone Leaders are going to Reu today. I will get it tomorrow during District meeting. Cant wait for that one!

It is starting to rain a little bit more. We havent had rain every day, only once or twice. But the sky always wants to rain. I love the rain. It is kinda scary here though because there is super a lot of lightning and thunder. Like, unreal amount. Super cool/scary. Probably cause in the Book of Mormon times, in 3rd Nephi when Christ was killed it was like that.

Wanna know something that I was thinking yesterday, and that I always think about?? Forever is a really long time. I dont even know if Ive already told you my thoughts about forever... but it is forever!!! THAT IS SO LONG!!! we cannot even comprehend it. We have this life to prepare and to work to figure out where we will be forever. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we will all be resurrected, but not all of us will receive eternal life. The greatest gift of all the gifts of God. I want eternal life, with all yalls. We always say we want to be like Christ, but we dont follow His commandments. Try a little harder to be a little better. I love you lots.

I have some photos.... after we finished the Book of Mormon, Dominos Pizza, enjoying Semana Santa bread, American snacks I bought for conference (plus this yummy oatmeal milk that I cant live without), a pamphlet some guy gave us, and me, learning how to tortillar.

I'm going to buy a tortilla maker thingy and make tortillas every day, cause I love them so much. with eggs and beans, (my dinner last night)

I love you all so much. Thanks for your prayers and letters. If you arent praying for me or writing me, you better get going. Go to church, read your scriptures, pray. The basics. Cant live without them. This life is tough, we need all the help we can get ¿verdad? Honestly I love you so much.

Elmer Nesnej

Isnt it crazy that I almost have 6 months?????? WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

ps I just read a Dear Elder from Grandma and she said she is going to be a great grandma... what the heck!!!!!!! hahahaha Hi Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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