Monday, May 28, 2012

Baptisms and Such....

What´s cookin in the hood this week????

I´m just still here, good ol San Luis. Seems like I email y’all every day, cause the week just flies.

This week was a crazy one. I loved every second of it. Best week of my life... or one of them...

I don’t remember much of the week, and I forgot to write down little notes of what I was going to write, but we will give it a shot...

Monday - We totally received permission for Josue. It ruled.

Tuesday - We did divisions; I was in my area and Elder Aoki had to go to the other area to do a whole bunch of baptism interviews.

Wednesday - We were going to end divisions, but Elder Aoki was still doing a ton of interviews, and one of the families didn’t want to get baptized, so he was there trying to help them and couldn’t return cause there aren’t buses late. Kinda hard to have a whole family fall last minute. But everyone has their agency... So two days of divisions.

Thursday - Elder Aoki came back, and we went straight to a special district meeting with the zone leaders. We talked about our possibilities, received revelation, and then we gave our companions blessings. It was just a super cool/spiritual experience. We were all just charged up and ready to work harder. It ruled. Then guess what we did.... divisions. I was still in my area, and one of the Zone Leaders came, Elder Taufu´i, to do interviews. So Elder Aoki was gone for 3 days.... poor little guy.

Friday - was the day of the baptisms. It seems like baptism days never go as planned. We filled the font in the morning, and then ate lunch, then went back to the church to just finish preparing and such. Then it started raining...... not just a normal little rain... it had to be the whole lotta rain day, where there is a river in the street... yeah.. that rain. (don´t fret, pictures included). Sandra asked that Elder Cieza came back to baptize her, so he did. (he only lives 20 minutes up the road now). And I was the lucky one to baptize Josue. This kid rules, I´m totally going to be best friends with him for eternity. Him and Sandra were just the happiest and most excitedest people in the whole wide world. They were just SO happy…. definitely an awesome day. Two future missionaries right there. After the baptism we had a little dinner with the family, man they rule too!... Sadly, we couldn’t get permission for Kevin, but we aren’t giving up!

Saturday - We were helping the Hermanas in our district all day long, prepare for their wedding/baptism. A family of five. Super awesome. Elder Aoki was asked to baptize them, so we went to the baptism too. The groom wore Elder Aokis suit, so we went to help him try it on and stuff, and he was SOSOSOSOSO excited to just get there and do it. He was just so humble and happy and excited. Just a little Guatemalan guy, getting ready for his wedding/baptism, trying to look the best he can. I loved every second of it. We were in the house, and the Hermanas were helping the mom with her hair, we were helping the dad with the clothes, and the daughters were doing their hair and waiting patiently. This family was awesome, and a future eternal family

Sunday - Elder Aoki was sick, so after church we went to the house so he could rest, and we left to work a little later.

Today - We cleaned our house. Cool

That is my life. Super busy, super full of stuff, and I loved every second. I am so glad I am here, I love being a missionary, I love seeing the changes in the people´s lives. That is evidence that this church is true, the Gospel changes lives. It is the only way to true happiness here on earth, and after this life.

Elder Aoki and I taught a lot about the Book of Mormon this week, it is the truest, most correct book on earth, and not many people want to read it. The evidence of what we tell people, is the Book of Mormon. It is true. I know it with my whole heart. If you haven´t read it today, go read it. (I just realized I haven´t read it yet.... I´ll get on that).

I love you so so much, and so does our Heavenly Father. He wants to hear from you in prayer, he wants you to be happy, and so do I.

I love you I love you I love you

Elder Jensen

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