Monday, May 7, 2012

What Did I Learn Today?

                                                  What up jammin fam,

Hao r yew? I´m good, as usual, still here, in the same place, sweating. I
wouldn´t change it for the world. My life has changed this week... well...
my mission has changed this week, which has changed my life. We´ll get to
that later. First, my week was good.

It is sweaty a lot here. Not very much rain this week. Which is sad, cause
rain is great! Yesterday was cloudy, but super hot. Wow I love Guatemala.

I finally got letters this week. Dear Elders, from Grandma and Grandpa.
Thanks for the letters, they make me happy!!! I´m trying to write back...
BUT it is a little bit difficult to find a little slice of time. I´ll try
super hard this week.

There is a chance that I get changed this week. We don´t find out until
tonight, I sure will let you know this week. I like change, but I won´t be
sad if I stay. We are going to see a ton of success in San Luis this month.

Last week was a good one.

Tuesday - we taught some lessons, I like teaching. I like the church, it´s
true, in case you didn´t know. We taught the Restoration to one of our
investigators. We watched the movie, and I cried.... well.. almost cried.
Man I love that stuff. Changed my life a little. What did I learn today? We
are so lucky to have the Lord´s church on the earth once again.

Wednesday - A missionary in our district hit 6 little months on the
mission........... ME!!!!! Wow time sure flys, I can´t believe it. Finally,
I feel like a missionary, I´m in the zone, and ready for my one year mark.
Haha. Wowser. Craziness. What did I learn today? Two years is not that long
of time at all.

Thursday - We did divisions. I went to San Felipe with the Zone Leader,
Elder Horne. Every time I do divisions with him, I learn a lot. This is the
day that changed my life, and mission the most this week. Actually... it
was Friday. What did I learn today? I like divisions

Friday - Still doing divisons, we were studying the Atonement. And we read
a talk by Cleon Skousen about the Atonement. It changed my life. Search for
it, read it. It talks about all kinds of deep stuff. The part that changed
my life is our potential to become like God. We just have to Choose the
Right... a lot. Then Elder Horne showed me one of his goals. It is a picture
of the stars and galaxies, and on the back he wrote, "MY GOAL: To make
galaxies with my Queen." Kinda cheesy, but I don´t care. Cause that´s my
goal now too. I love it. What did I learn today? A whole lot..........

Saturday - It was our turn to clean the chapel. Just the outside. BUT
that´s a lot of work. We were there for 3 hours just raking leaves and
picking up trash. But it was pretty fun. Pictures included of our little,
clean chapel. Then after lunch we went to a family that we contacted, they
called us and asked us to come help with some wood. So we went and moved a
mountain of wood from one part of the house, to the other. That was a joy.
Wow I was tired on Saturday night. But it was a great day. What did I learn
today? Service is the best ever.

Sunday - We went to church. It was pretty good. We had 6 investigators in
church. All a bunch of youngins, but they have souls and families too. We
are starting to work with their families too. Three of our investigators
really need permission, Sandra, Josue, and Kevin. Super please pray for
their permission, and their families. Thanks a whole lotso!! What did I
learn today? Church is good.

Well, that was my week. Jam packed of good stuff. The good news? The church
is true, I love learning about it every day. We have the potential to
become so much more than we are right now. All we have to do is forge on
and be valiant.

Other good news. 8 times out of 10 times I show our family picture to
people here, they say how young my mom looks. Mom... you look young, you
lucky duck!

I love you so so much. Until next week!!!!

Elder Jensen

ps, be expecting a call from a strange number this week... I think. :)

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