Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Peachy!

Whats happenin?!?!?!

Everything is just peachy here in Guatemala. Literally... there is
this peach juice that I really like.

But seriously, everything is going great. I love this place more and
more every day. Today we went to Mazatenango (big city) in a bus, then
we returned back to in a bus called Pocholo, (it is my favorite bus
cause it is fast and crazy and always has crazy muzic..... its just
fun), but Pocholo was just smashed full of people and everyone was
staring at the crazy tall gringo, and that is why I love this place...

Anywho... what a surprise that I dont have much time right..... But
this week was good... I dont really remember what we did. BUT I know
we had a meeting with President, all the District Leaders and their
companions. Its always good to hear from him. especially how often we
do. I love that man.

Also on Friday I woke up with a fever, and head ache.. it was crumby.
I got a blessing, took some pills, prayed.. Saturday, I was the same,
Sunday, a little better, today PERFECT! Its a miracle. It could have
been something worse, but with Faith, and the authority of God here on
the earth, I have been healed. I love this stuff.

Saturday we had another baptism. The wife of the man we baptized two
weeks ago got baptized. It was pretty good. Not only did I direct the
baptismal service, but I also shared the message. cool huh?? I sure
love being a missionary. Teaching is really one of my favorite things
in the world. I just enjoy it, and I learn lots from it. I know
baptism is important. But it is only valid if it is done by someone
with the authority and the way that Jesus teaches us.. by immersion.
Man has his doctrine and God has his. Some people don't understand
that.... actually 99% of the people dont understand that.

Right now we are teaching a man that is about 27 years... he is just
super smart and asks a lot of super good questions. Most people dont
really understand what we teach, but he really thinks stuff out, he
likes to read, and he is just really smart. It is really fun to teach

Nothing else really happened this week.... except today I bought some
new shoes. They rule. Fotos included. They are a little bit better
than my Rockports.... Chan, don't buy Rockports, buy Eccos or something
with a harder sole... Just buy Eccos. Bummer they don't sell Eccos
here, but I bought something good.

Also I sent pictures of the ole movie theater from last week. Also of
the baptism.

I love you all so much. Jesus Christ lives, He is my Savior and
Redeemer. His church is here on the earth, He directs it through a
living prophet. There are a thousand million churches here on the
earth, but He only has one. We get to heaven on His terms, no one
elses. I hope this week is just spectacular for you all. I know it
will be.

Write me! I love you!

*Elder Jensen

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