Wednesday, January 30, 2013

San Marcos-Zonie

Hello family...
Can I just tell you a little about my week?? Cause it was crazy.
Lets start with Monday.... alright we will. skip to Tuesday cause Im too excited. So Tuesday in the morning we had a great district meeting with the district.. cool... then Elder Barnes and I go back to our area, eat lunch, then go back to the house. When we got back to the house the phone rings... who is on the phone??? His name is Elder Flores and he is President's assistant.. He kindly infomed me that I had emergency changes and I had to pack up everything and at 8:30 in the night they would pick me up and take me away. WHAT!? crazy huh?? So I spent most of the day packing and running around picking up clothes and saying goodbye quickly. Suddenly I get another call fom Elder Flores telling me to call Pres Maravilla. So I called him and he gave me the assignation as Zone Leader... WHAT!?!?! He also told me I would be going to San Marcos with Elder Villatoro (my current zone leader).
So Im basically freaking out by this point, just waiting to go. Finally the assistants pick us up and we go to Tiquisate to pick up Elder Villatoro and drop off Elder Barnes to stay there. We drove all the way to Reu and slept there for the night. Then in the morning they picked us up bright and early and dropped us off at the bus station and said adios. We got on the bus and it took us to Quetzaltenango (where the new temple is, its not even in our mission, but you have to go there to get to San Marcos). There we found the other missionaries, ones heading to Tiquisate and the other two to take us home. So we got to San Marcos. Super tired from being traveling for 7-8 hours, super hungry from not eating, and super COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just so happens we traveled from the most southern point of the mission (the hottest part of the mission) to the most northern part of the mission (the coldest part of Guatemala (I think)). Good thing I packed a sweater!!
So we are here in San Marcos. Our zone is super awesome. It feels like Utah here. Big mountains, dry skin, cold air, wind. Its crazy. We basically live in a freezer. I will send pictures of the house in another email. The other zone leaders left us with a ton of people to teach... like... zero. Thanks. But our bishop is the best man on this planet. It is such a powerful ward and we have had ton of help from them. They even give our programs each week!! cool huh?? We shared our testimonies on Sunday, and we have this guy that has helped us so much named Alex. I love the guy!! I love everything about this place. Its really cold, but the everything about it just warms my soul hahahahahahaha..
Elder Villatoro is from Huehuetenango, Guatemala!! FINALLY A GUATEMALAN COMPANION!! I love the guy. We had tons of fun together in Tiquisate and now we have even more fun. When we have to walk up hills, whoever is a little behind grabs on to the other guys backpack and pulls and its like a slingshot. It is hillarious. I also love speaking spanish all day long.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. One is with my cocinera from La Nueva and her fam, the others are just my life here. We decided we want to take a lot of pictures because E Villatoro has 20 months and I have 15... so we have to soak it up. We figure we will be together until May when E Villatoro goes home. I would love it. But we never know whats going to happen, there are always surprises.
When they told me I had changes, the first thing I did was ask God if it was what He wanted for me. He told me clearly that it was exactly where He wants me. I have a reason to be feezing my nose off. Prayer is incredible. I love it. I love the gospel, I know the church is true. I love studying and learing and sharing the gospel with everyone. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I love it. I know my Savior lives. He loves me so much. He is my Redeemer. I know it without a doubt.
I love you all so much. Pray for me to find families and to get used to this cold. A sudden change of climate is a little tough. But Im halfway used to it haha.. Have a fabulous week. I love you more than you know!!
Elder Jensen

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