Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 2... 17 months Out!

Is it really April?!?!?! I don´t believe it for one second. Well... Yesterday we went to Reu for the zone leader conference, then we ate dinner with President and Hermana Maravilla. I love those two. We ate Gallo Pinto. It´s a dish from Nicaragua. I LOVE IT! haha.  The conference thingy was really really good. They split a zone into two, and President talked about Pride. The 2 words from yesterday that he kept using were pride and accion. I love the way he teaches, and jokes and just who he is. I´m so blessed to have amazing people as my mission president and wife!!! I wish you could meet them!!!!!!

Last week, as you know, was Holy Week. So what did we do?? We were in jail for three days. Wednesday we did some workshops and Thursday at 2:30 pm we started reading the New Testament. Friday at 12:45pm we finished!!! Without sleeping. haha. We were the first zone to finish. I realized too that I love staying up late and not sleeping. We already knew that from before my mission, but I changed. haha

It was pretty boring.. I must tell you, but who cares right?? The point was to keep us out of sight of the parades and everything. It gets pretty intese here this time of year.

It´s starting to warm up, and in about 2 months starts up the rainy season... I dont know if i´m ready for that. Is it crazy that I hit 17 months today?? I don´t know if anyone else is freaking out about that... but I am. I feel funny about it.

Yesterday President bore his testimony about Christ. He explained the atonement and everything that happened.He suffered in Gethsemani, died on the cross, and resurrected. I will live again someday too. Yo se que Él es mi Salvador y Redentor. Y Él vive.

Sorry this is a short letter... not much happened because I was shut in a church for a few days. I love you so so much. Be good!!

I´m trying to send some great pics, but this internet isn´t working up to my standards... another day! I love you

Elder Jensen

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