Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Hate Goodbyes!

Hello my little Latter-day Saints.... (was that cheesy or what??)

Holy canoly it is cold today.. REALLY COLD. It has been cloudy and misty all day. We also forgot our sweaters in the house. but... no biggie, we are strong.

In case you didn’t know, I will have a new companion this week... his name will be Elder ________________. (Fill in the blank) Elder Villatoro has finished the battle. I feel silly inside. I don’t know if I’m ready for this. But its whatevs right?? haha.... do the young people still say whatevs? What a stupid thing to say…for reals.

I don’t really remember this past week, so… sorry for this letter.

I love San Marcos/Guatemala. The people here are incred. We have been visiting a ton of the members right now lifting up the ward and saying goodbyes and stuff. They always invite us to eat too. Lemme tell you a little bit about the culture here. The people are very open, and the talk about their feelings, they are so loving and humble and patient and simple and just amazing. I love the people so much. You probably didn’t know that, but its true. I have never felt such a love for someone. They could spit in my face and I would still love them. They are such a special people. I can’t even imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves us. (FYI I just about started crying in this Internet cafe...)

Today our bishop invited the four of the missionaries in the ward to eat lunch with him. He took us to a pretty nice restaurant and let us get WHATEVER we wanted... He is pretty rich so its no biggie hahahaha. He is one of the most hardworking men I have ever met in my life. (Picture included)

This week we also ate breakfast in our favorite breakfast place haha. A member is the owner and it literally is the best place on earth. First they give you some oatmeal with some yummy bread, then you can ask your eggs how you want them (I like with onion and tomato), then they give you a big bowl of beans and you just ladle them onto your plate, pour some cream on top, hot tortillas, and some lemonade. It’s heaven for only 15 quetzales... $2. (We get a good deal!)

We also visited the Familia Alvarado last night. Meet Mami Cicelly, Papa Miguel, Angie, and Carol. They have two other kids that just barely left on the mission about a month ago (one week apart). They help us so much. Right now they are preparing a list of people for us to teach, and we will soon see success.

We were talking to our bishop today about the ward and he can tell that the members are more excited. They had 7 months of bad missionaries and now we came to literally nothing and we are lifting it all up. It is amazing to see the changes. We will shortly see fruits. Its hard here in the mountains, but with the members and the Spirit, anything is possible.

Yesterday we spoke in church with the bishop also. It went so so well. I spoke about the power of a testimony. That the members just need to share their testimony and the Spirit will do the rest. D&C 62:3 is a good scripture too... I shared about how they can receive forgiveness of their sins just by sharing their testimony, I talked about how there are angels preparing the hearts of the people so they can receive the truth, and maybe they receive the truth through the testimony of someone else.

I know the church is true, that God lives and loves me. He gave His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Right now I’m reading Jesus the Christ, I love it. It is so good how it talks about every aspect about His life. He gave his life, as an infinite and eternal sacrifice. He just asks us to repent. I love the truth, it sets us free. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. He lives.

I love each and every one of you. I hope you have the best of the best weeks.

Oh I just remembered a funny story - On Saturday we went to Palo Gordo to do some baptismal interviews and me and Elder Cruz were walking up a big dirt hill that curved and joined into a highway, there were also two girls walking on the other side of the road, when all of a sudden a big truck passes by and whistles really loud at the girls (It’s the culture), but me, being all funny and stuff just said, "gracias." hahaha the girls and E Cruz were dying of laughter... It was pretty hilarious, you shoulda been there.... haha. In life you can’t be all bitter and stuff, it’s just too boring. Besides, were Mormons, it’s the truth!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Jensen

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