Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nutella and a New Presidente

Hi mom.... oh and everyone else. hahaha
Hows it swimming in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. Wull... here I am in San Marcos, San Marcos, Guatemala, Central America. We are far huh?? hahaha
Well this week was a good'n.
On Tuesday we went to Reu for the last meeting with President Maravilla with all the zone leaders. Lucky me huh?? Well Hna. Maravilla shared a little message, then President Maravilla just sat at his table and said, "does anyone have a question for me." (ps he does this all the time and its so fun). But anyway a lot of people asked him questions and he told us stories, he told us about his childhood, and when he got baptized and all kinds of stuff. I loved it!!!I love that man. I´m so blessed that I was able to know him, learn from him, and be better because of him. I sent some pictures of the goodbye, we took pictures two weeks ago when we had conference of the zone, and the other is with them on tuesday. I was just about to cry, man it was a toughie. I hate goodbyes!!!!! haha plus Hna. Maravilla is amazing too. I will miss them. But as Pres said, The old king is dead, the new king lives... so that´s the way it is. I´m excited to know Pres. Ruiz tomorrow, (we are going to Reu, AGAIN. Then Friday we have multi-zone conferences)... Then in two weeks we have interviews with him. I´m stoked. Life is good. 

This week we also did divisions. I was with Elder Gazo, he´s here in the same ward, but it was fun to have a little change for a day. We had a good day. Elder Gazo talks a ton, I loved it ahhaha I´m not used to it cause Elder Salas is a mime... well not exactly but......

Oh I forgot to tell you, on our way back from Reu we got permission to go to the distribution center in the temple and then to Wal Mart in Xela. That was a blessing. I bought NUTELLA!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man I love it. I bought just a little jar for like 57 quetzales.... kinda expensive, but if we don´t spend money before we die it will just stay here, am I right?? plus it was only like $6 or something. Well worth it. But it´s about halfway gone. But that will hold me over for about another week then I will just have to be strong for 4 months more. 

Yesterday was ward conference. It was incredible. The church was jam packed and the temple president came with his wife. It was so so so so good!!! I love the temple and I love this place. It´s so special.

I almost forgot the coolest part of this week - Last Sunday a guy came to church with his friend, his name is Adolfo. He went to church and loved it. Then when we taught him he told us he was going to get baptized and he searched out the church on his own. On Sunday we gave him a Gospel Principles book, and by Wednesday he had read 14 chapters. So we gave him a Book of Mormon, taught about baptism and the restoration. Then Saturday him and his family invited us to eat lunch and we watch the restoration movie. Then we challenged him to get baptized the 13th of July. He said yes. Oh man I´m so stoked. He went to church yesterday and was telling everyone that he is going to get baptized and everything!!! Everyone was super happy for us and just happy. He told us he didn´t just want to be another member, he wants to be an excellent member. Can you say prepared?? I can. Prepared. His little brother Milton also said he would get baptized, but hasn´t been to church yet. But we are working on that. please pray for Adolfo and Milton. They rule.

I cant really remember what else happened this week, all I know is that I love my life. I love speaking Spanish. I love Guatemalans, with my entire heart and soul. They are an amazing incredible people.

Dad, Mom, Kelsey, Corey, Brooke, Elder Jensen, and Oakley - I know without a doubt that the church is true. It´s so important that we are obedient, that we go to church, that we read our scriptures and pray. God loves each and everyone of us. We are His children and He wants us to be happy. Families are forever. Never forget that I love you and I hope you have the best week of your life. 

Ps yesterday Elder Salas overflowed the toilet and a ton of water was spilling out at 11:30 at night. It was hilarious I had to snap some pictures. the floor is still wet, but not the lake like last night. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Elder Jensen

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