Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One Happy Missionary

Helloooooo!!!! I´m doing so good. I´m stoked to be a missionary. The members have finally woken up and we are finally seeing miracles and finding people through their references.. actually one of them is getting baptized this Saturday. His name is Adolfo, he´s 23, and he has read almost all of Gospel Principles and is reading the Book of Mormon. Oh man I´m so stoked. His brother Milton will be baptized the 27th! How great is that??

On Tuesday we went to Retalhuleu. It was hot! But I got to meet THE Johnny F. Ruiz. aka My new mission president, aka Presidente Ruiz and of course his wonderful wife was there too. They are so great. But they were so nervous. (Understandably right). We had a very good leadership meeting and got to know them a little bit. Pres. Ruiz made a slideshow showing pictures from when he was baptized, then with the missionary that baptized him 35 years later and the mission president back then. It was really cool and helped us to see the vision of everything. We never know how many apples come from one seed!!! Hna. Ruiz is  very serious and quiet, I don´t know if it´s because she was nervous or no, but I made her laugh hahahaha. They are incredible people. The truth, I kept looking at the teble where Pres. and Hna. Maravilla always sit and I just kept thinking it was so weird to see two different people there. I´m not used to it. 20 months of seeing and listening and learning from Pres. Maravilla and now Pres Ruiz is different. It was weird. But as Pres. Maravilla said, "the old king is dead, the new king lives." and that´s the way it is. I´m so blessed to be able to have 2 mission presidents, and learn from the both of them. I love them both so much, and I´m so blessed to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guatemala. I love it.

Wednesday we did divisions. I went to a ward just up the road called Federacion with Elder Cardona. I did some baptism interviews of a family that will be baptized soon. They were so excellent. They were telling me about all the changes that had seen in their lives and about how happy they were. That´s why I´m a missionary. I just kept thinking of Mosiah 2:41. I shared it with them and told them they had been chosen since the beginning to be able to know the true gospel. The mom started to cry, and I was just so happy. Such a great experience.

Thursday was a good day too.... We visited Milton and that´s when we were able to put his baptismal date. He is a good kid. 15 years old, but really really smart.

Friday we went to Malacatan for a multi-zone conference. Just like always we rented a big bus for the 42 missionaries here in "tierra fria" and went to the heat. So hot. It was a good conference for everyone to get to know Pres. and Hna. Ruiz. It was basically the same thing as Tuesday, but it was still good. Everyone is really excited.

Saturday there was a stake activity for the youngins in missionary prep class. Elder Salas and I taught a little bit about what it is to be a missionary and then we went out and contacted people in the park for a while. It was really fun. I love teaching.

Sunday was also a good day. There were 4 babys blessed, so the church was full for the 2nd week in a row. It made me happy, and our bishop was just stoked to be alive. It was a really good meeting and we had a lot of investegators there. I didn´t have to speak or teach anything so I was just enjoying the day hahaha. After church we always go visit with our bishop and his councelors, but yesterday we went with bishop and young mens president. We went to visit Milton abnd Adolfo and it was perfect cause they got to know their mom and got to know them better. It was a really good visit, and we visited less actives too. I love this ward. The people are incredible. 

I love Guatemala, the people are incredible. I know I always say it, but it´s truer than true. I love being a missionary for the only true church on the face of the earth. I love it. I only have 3 little months left, but there is so much work to do. I can´t wait to see you, but I can wait 3 months haha. Just know that I love you to the moon and back. I know that Christ lives, and directs His church today. He loves us so much. 

I love you so much. I hope you have an excellent week. Haz lo justo.

ps no photos today, I completely forgot to take some this week. oops!!

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