Monday, July 15, 2013

Three More Months!

Hey... What´s Oakley´s email address?? I´ve been wanting to write her my whole mission btu I think she changed it... when I started the mission it was but now what is it?

Holy smokes another week has come and gone... and it was a good one!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m such a blessed little missionary. Well actually I´m big cause everyone is short... but who cares. The only day I even remember is Saturday... cause there was a baptism!!!!! Adolfo got baptized!!! Oh man it was a great baptism service, and we didn´t have to worry about anything, cause the members are incredible and they love us. In other areas we had to clean and fill the font, get the agenda ready, plan the messages, conduct the baptismal service, worry if there would be a snack or no, clean up afterwards and then go home tired and hungry... but not here in Maya. The only thing we did in that list was clean and fill the font (cause we have keys and no onbe else haha) and we cleaned a little after.. but the members here are excellent. Adolfo´s brother (the tall one in the picture) will be baptized the 27th of this month, and his mom and other brother are already members. I was just so stoked all day long and so was Adolfo. He was so happy and ready and his mom was just so proud of her three kids being in church rather than being in other places, am i right?!?! It was just so great to be able to help someone receive forgiveness of their sins and receive blessings. Not only Adolfo was super happy and blessed, but so is the whole ward. Yesterday we had ward council and everyone wanted the bishop to give Adolfo a calling in their organization. haha it was awesome and everyone was just happy to be alive. Adolfo is amazing. 

Other than that... I can´t remember hahaha OOOOHHHHH

The other day we were contacting and knocking on doors and here in our area live a bunch of rich people, so we picked a HUGE orange house, and a lady opened the door and told us to come on in. So we did right, we found out she is from Mexico and she talks A TON!!! she is super super nice and she is going to invite us to eat tacos one day... my companion is dying for some tacos.´and me too..... We also found out that her husband plays the "marimba" for Los Internacionales Conejos... look it up. haha He talks really loud and also talks A TON!!!!! But they are really great people... and rich. I´m more used to being in nice houses and sitting on couches than sitting on logs with smoke in my face during lessons... I miss the poor life. It´s fun. With much love I have included a picture of me (Elder Jensen) holding up one of my shirts.. You can´t really tell, but they are basically see through. Good thing I always have my backpacky on or a sweater.. I think they can last 3 more months. It´ll be nice in the hot weather when I go back to the coast the 24th aka there are changes and I´m 75% sure I´m outta here....... I´ve only been here since January.
This week we have interviews with President Ruiz, and I´m stoked. Today we cleaned our house real good and even mopped. A clean house makes me happier.

I´m so happy. The church is true. I know it, I know it, I know it. Guatemala really is the promised land. I love it with my whole corazon. Testifico que Jesucristo vive y nos ama. Yo lo se. He sentido Su amor mucho en mi mision. Anhelo el día que lo puedo conocer y agradecer por la expìacion que efectuó para nosotros. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon realmente es otro testamento de Jesucristo. Se lo leemos, nos acercaremos mas a nuestro Padre Celestial. Seamos obedientes, Él quiere bendecirnos. Los amo con todo mi corazon. 

(look how amazing Spanish is. I love it!!!!!)

I love you all so much! I hope you have an excellent week full of thought about me! hahahahaha I love you, miss you, and pray for you. CTR o HLJ

Elder Jensen

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