Monday, July 29, 2013

A Little Sad


Well as you know, or as you dont know.. I had changes. I left my home in San Marcos. Its feels weird, and I miss all the people so so sosososos much!!!! Tuesday I spent the day packing and saying goodbye, and crying my eyes out. I have neve been that sad to leave people. They are so so special there. 

On Tuesday we said goodbye to the zone and took a picture (included). Later we were eating lunch with our cook and I didnt want to tell her  I was leaving cause I knew she would cry, but it came time to go, and I told her. She just stopped and started crying on the spot. I couldnt handle it. Then it was time to take a picture (included) Then I said goodbye and her husbands eyes were all red and he started crying, oh man it was a toughie!!! I love them. Uriel and Margoth de Leon. The most wonderful people on earth. I love them so much. I spent the rest of the day crying and just being all sad. I didnt like it very much, and I actually still feel sad.

Wednesday morning we left the house at 5:00 in the morning and made the trek down to Reu. I was so so tired and just wiped out and crying on the way down and just sad. You cant even imagine how I felt. We finally got to the change meeting and I had to take a picture with our chofer that always takes us when we travel. Paco. He is so funny, and nice. He always bought me stuff cause I was the one that always paid him. He tried buying me juice and fruit like four times. The meeting started and it was a little different because it was the first change meeting of Pres. Ruiz. But it was good. All the changes went by, and they always put the zone leaders at the very end, so I had to wait.... (I already had an idea of where I was going to go but I was still nervous). It turns out I am in................ Estaca Las Palmas..... which happens to be the stake where the mission office is. Im 3 minutes away from the office in a tuc tuc. Its awesome. My companions name is Elder Quiroz from Chile. He is the coolest person on the planet. (Picture included) Elder Quiroz has 18 months in the mission, and we were in the same zone when I was in San Luis. He works so hard and is so focused. Im so stoked about it. We have already had really good experiences. He is also a chef... But he hasnt cooked anything yet. bummer.

It hasnt rained here since Tuesday, so everyone says that I brought the curse hahahaa. Its so SO HOT!!! Im kinda not used to it cause San Marcos is coldie. The zone is a very good zone. We are 22. 10 Sisters and 12 Elders. Its fun to be with sisters in the same zone. There is just a different spirit and a different way to work. Every companionship in the zone is training except three. CRAZY!!! This is also the first time in my mission that we are 4 living together. The other Elders in our house and ward are Elder Murillo from Hondurus and Elder Luna from Mexico. Its really fun.

The ward is excited Im here (who isnt right?) hahaha jokes. But it is a really good ward. Its actually the very first ward or Reu, so there are a lot of returned missionaries and such. This is a great place and a great companion to finish up strong. I love life.

Guess what?? This is the work of God. He guides and directs it. I am a representative of the only true church on this earth, and I love it. God lives and loves us, Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and He lives. I know it without a doubt. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. We were teaching a man about the BoM the other day, and he thought it was a book to help us understand the Bible better, what he didnt realize is that its a book to help us get closer to God. Its a book from Him. Written by prophets here in America. I love it.

I love you so so much, Im happy, healthy, and hot. But who cares about the hot right? I have work to do!! Have a GREAT week!!!!

Elder Jensen

A couple cute pics of Chase's niece's first birthday...can't wait until he meets her 

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