Monday, July 22, 2013

Wedding Season

Well hi there. It´s a beautiful day here in San Marcitos. Nice and sunny, not too hot, a little breezy, just waiting for some rain in the afternoon.... it almost always rains in the afternoon!!!!!

What a great week I had this past week!! I´m so happy to be a missionary and I love my life! As always, I don´t remember what happened in the beginning of the week... it was just so far away and I never remember... But I sure do remember Thursday, Saturday and Sunday... and Friday I think. hahaha

For the most part everything is just going super tranquilo here... aka chill. We have been getting Milton ready for his baptism on the 27th and he is super stoked. We had a good lesson with him and his 2 brothers (1 receint convert (adolfo, member him?) and 1 theat just coming back) and his mom. We talked about the Atonement and they loved it. Then the mom expressed to us how proud she was the have her 3 sons going to church and they are more united as a family and she was just so proud. That´s makes it all worth it. I love helping people, and I love the gospel. I know for a fact that everything I teach and preach is the truth. I know the God loves us and wants us to be happy, and the only way to really be happy is through being obedient to the commandments. This is a marvellous work and wonder... I realize it time and time again.

On Thursday we had interviews with Presidente Ruiz. They were awesome. All the missionaries from Tierra Fria showed us (except our zone) at 8 in the morning. Our zone showed up at 2 in the afternoon cause we live closer and Pres does the interviews according to who lives the farthest to closest. But me and Elder Salas had to open the stake center, clean up a bit and get everything ready before Pres came. So we got there at 7:15ish and did all the stuff, then realized there wasn´t water in the building. We spent much of the morning looking for a big plastic tub to fill up to be able to use, but then it just dawned on me to call the maintenence guy... all we had to do was open the water valve.. hahaha problem solved....

Interviews lasted all day long... as Zonies we interview the missionaries with the assistants about their studies nad planning and dats, then we hand them off to the senior couple in the mission, the wife about english for the latinos and the elder about training (he just talks to trainers) then we pass the off to Pres for worthiness... long day. We lafte the church at about 7 at night. The good news its that it was pouring rain and we didn´t get wet!!!

President Ruiz is an amazing person, he is so excited to be here, kinda nervous, but excited. I can´t help but love him with my whole heart. Hna Ruiz is very serious and a little scared of Guatemala (she´s a city girl!) I love her too though. She gave us some muffins yesterday.. she loves us..

Oh and yesterday we had a super busy day. We had church, which was GREAT! Then after church we had a meeting with the stake presidency and President Ruiz. It was awesome. The Stake is going to make a mission plan to reactivate 10 families for each ward. With the goal to get each father of the home advanced in the priesthood and the final goal is the temple. What a great idea!!! With the help of the stake and the wards and the Lord, everything will just go excellently well. I’m so excited, and Pres Ruiz was just stoked to be alive. This is the work of God. He guides and directs it, and there is nothing that can stop it. I’m pretty lucky to be apart of the 65,000 missionaries in the world. And there is nothing cooler than speaking Spanish and being in Guatemala, and having experiences and meeting people that wouldn’t have ever happened if I wouldn’t have come here. I love it.

Fun story time... So there is this really old couple in the ward that showed up to church about a year and a half ago, and they got baptized... just the other day a sister in the ward called us and asked us what we do if someone is baptized and not married, we told her to talk to the bishop... It turns out that this couple got baptized without getting married. I guess the missionaries just figured since they were so old, they had to be married... but no. So quickly the ward planned a wedding for them, and almost the whole ward showed up. It was just the funniest thing on the entire planet!!!! I took a million pictures, but here are just a few. They were just so cute and old and embarrassed to be in front of everyone. Oh man everyone was just having a great time. I loved it!

Here in Guatemala there are 2 words for a white guy, the most common, "canche" but here in tierra fria they say "mesho" The old guy calls me "mi meshito" my little whitey... hahaa it makes me laugh so hard... (they are kinda crazy... but now they are married).

That’s about it with my week, I don’t remember much else. Just know that I love you so much, I miss you, God loves us and wants us to be happy... be happy this week!!! Wake up every single day and tell yourself that it is the best day of your life... it´s what I did in high school a lot and it works (I try to do it here, but I always forget with so many things on my mind hehe)

I know Christ lives; He suffered our pains, temptations, sicknesses, troubles, and sins so that He could know how to help us with our problems, so that He knows how we feel in each moment. Alma 7, read it, study it, and love it like I do. It’s my favorite. Read it in Spanish, it’s even better... (the scriptures are different in English I feel like haha) But yeah... I hope you have an excellent week.

With mountains of love from Guatemala,

Elder Jensen

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