Monday, August 26, 2013

Living in a Dream

Greetings from Retalhuleu, the capital of the world... (Not even kidding, thats what they say...)_

Another week, another letter. Here I am just chillin like a villain and it’s not that fun cause wickedness never was happiness.... (I’m not being wicked, don’t worry... I’m happy) hahaha oh man, well there are good things going down here in the south.. or center. Where am I? I don’t know, but things are good. This week was busy, busy as usual and we had some good experiences.

Monday we had a family night with a family that has been less active for 9 years. It was really, really good and the High Priest Group Leader taught a lesson about eternal families. It was really good. Then he took us to his house and they had invited a family with problems in the ward to a family night and taught the same thing, then on Wednesday we took another family to the same house and they taught basically the same thing... then Sunday in Sunday school he taught the same thing................. (He is also the Sunday school teacher). But yeah.. I heard the same lesson about marriage 4 times... now I want to get married. And fast._

It was really good though because the inactive family for 9 years went to church, the problem fam went too. We had a ton of less active people in church and we were just super happy and so was the ward. It felt fuller and happier. The more the merrier, am I right??

This week we were busy doing a lot of stuff for the zone. Changes are coming up and a lot of stuff is happening... but Im not allowed to tell you!!! HAHAHAHA we were in the office the other day and President told us some good stuff that is going on here in our area and our zone and he told not to tell a soul. Then when he said goodbye to us he said, "May the force be with you." So we have been trying to keep the force with us....

Good news - we finally bought umbrellas. All this time we hadnt had any but my companion got a blue one and mine is green. Sometimes we use them to protect us from the rain, sometimes to protect us from dogs, sometimes as light sabers, and sometimes we leave them in our house and we get rained on. They are quite useful.

Yesterday there was a ward/stake council. All the leaders of each ward got together in the Stake Center and we went too!! The stake president here is amazing. He is supports us a ton and is just amazing. -

But he talked about the tree of life, Lehi’s Dream... First they showed the cartoon version of the tree of life, then they drew a picture of it on the whiteboard and then started drawing people how the scriptures describe them. They then numbered them and asked where are we? Where are the members of each ward? Where are all those that get baptized and fall away? Where are all the people? It was really good to think about that we are living in the tree of life right now. Where are we? Are we in the darkness? Did we partake of the tree then fall away? Are we in the building making fun of those that want to follow Christ and partake of the fruit? I really liked the way he applied it and it made me feel excited to work. This stake needs lots of help, and working together we all can do it. There are people that need help, maybe they are lost in the darkness or have fallen in the pit, but its never too late to save them. Christ came to this earth to take upon Himself the sins of the world, all we have to do is repent and keep the commandments. Hold to the rod.

Some scriptures I found this week -

Moses 1:39 the work of God. His goals and desires._
39_For behold, this is my_awork_and my_bgloryo bring to pass the_cimmortality_and_deternal_elife_of man.

But what is our work? What do we have to do to be able to help God with His work? Doctrine and Convenants 11:20
_20_Behold, this is your work, to_akeep_my commandments, yea, with all your might,_bmind_and strength.

I really liked that. I hadnt ever seen the scripture in D and C before. But I liked it. God just asks that we are obedient. We just need to keep His commandments and He will bless us with immortality and eternal life. There are so many blessings waiting for us, we just have to be faithful, and obedient. If you have to make changes, do it. There is nothing more important than following God.

Yesterday the relief society pres spoke in church and she said, "Im not perfect, but thats why I came to earth." Now is the time to act. Now is the time to become perfect.

I hope you enjoy these great pictures!! They are a little old, about a month ago we helped Hermano Pepe clean his yard, so we snapped some pics. About 2 weeks ago Elder Quiroz and I got back to the house after lunch super tired, we just laid down on that mattress for like 2 seconds and we were both out. (after lunch is the time we study Spanish/my companion English), The other 2 that live with us snuck in and grabbed the pictures. We had no clue ahahah. And the other picture was last night. Every Sunday night we eat dinner with a lady the office missionaries and us and some sisters, last night we celebrated the secretarys birthday, Elder Pulsipher. It was jammin.
I love you so so much. I hope you have the best week of your life!!!!

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