Monday, August 5, 2013

Que onda muchachos?

Que onda muchachos?

Oh yeah... It´s English time. How are you????? I´m doing super good. We have had a super busy week and I actually forgot today was Monday... Monday´s aren´t as special as they used to be.. Me and my companion always joke with the zone that we are not going to internet to write, and I feel alright about it.... But I know you wouldn´t be alright about it. 

This week we got wet 3 days straight, but the good news is that the sun in the morning during the time of our study is strong enough to dry my boots. All of my shirts are basically transparent, and my pants are all dirty and I love my life. 

On Tuesday we studied the Testimony of Joseph Smith, and I want to share what we learned. We had already learned that Moroni told Joseph Smith 4 times everything about the plates, but what we didn´t realize is that the 4th time, Moroni told Joseph Smith to tell his dad. We applied that to our teaching. Sometimes we have to teach someone something 3-4 times and then they will take an accion. We are seeing that with a family we are teaching. Fam Sologaistoa. We have challenged them to baptism like 4 times, but the last time we did it the husband said, "now you´ve hit the nail on the head." They are super close, the only thing is they haven´t gone to church yet because they owe money to a member... we don´t know who!!!!!

We also learned that when Moroni showed up, Joseph Smith was scared, but then realized he was a messenger from God. With my companion we are trying to help the people realize we are sent from God by helping them feel the Spirit in the first little bit, or at least being their friends.

We contacted a lot this week, and has great experiences and lots of fun. Tonight we have an appointment with the equivalant of the Elder´s Quorum Pres. from another church in his "family home evening". (copy cats) hahaha we are stoked about that. He is really nice and so is his wife. We´ll see how it goes.

Today we went to play mini golf as a zone, and then the senior couple invited me and my companion and 2 sisters in the zone to eat BLTs and learn how to paint, (she is an art teacher)... I didn´t paint, I just sat and talked. They are the best though. Elder and Sister Hodgman. They have 4 months in the mission and they still have a hard time with their Spanish. Pray for them!!!! I want them to speak Spanish. So I helped them a little bit too. They are amazing. plus they gave us a dessert... cookies.... WHAT!?!?! I started crying! I love cookies!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so so fun!

I don´t really remember much else... just little things - The other missionaries in our ward had a baptism, every Sunday night we eat dinner with the office elders, some sisters, and the senior couple, in the mission cooks house. umm... Did I mention I love my companion. umm... There were some white guys here from Las Vegas that their nephew is in the office right now, they are in Guate working for some dental thing... umm... I met a friend duck and I named him Lunch aka Almuerzo. We made a box to put in front of every meeting in the ward that´s a box to collect references, we are starting english classes this Saturday, ummmmm our house is like a hotel,Tuesday night 2 elders slept there and at 5 in the morning one woke us up telling us his companion got stung by a scorpian. (He is alright). He brought it with him from his area cause we aint never seen one here. Saturday morning we cleaned a guys yard with machetes, and my hand was all blistery. That´s a summary of my week. I love my area, the ward, and my companion. I´m happy healthy, and blessed. Here are some pictures of my week too!!!

I know God lives, and so does His Son Jesus Christ. They love us and we are children of God. We have a living prophet here on earth who guides us. I know that families can be forever. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet call of God in these latter days to bring about the restoration of the fullness of times. I love it. 

I love you so much, I hope you have an excellent excellent week!!!

Elder Jensen

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