Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do Something Nice For Someone Today!

Well howdy!

How is everyone this week!!?? Well I´m doing good. This week was a
good one. Remember how I told you about the possibility of changes???
WELLLLL... I have a new companion... His name is Elder Barnes... and I
have a new area, it´s called La Nueva Concepcion. Elder Barnes is from
Texas. It´s really hot here.... OH WAIT.. I didn´t have changes and
neither did Elder Barnes. We are still kinda in shock about it, but we
aren´t complaining!

We are doing really good. Since the changes we have been really
excited to work, and my district is super super excited too. I love
it. We are finally seeing success in just a few short days!

Familia Sanchez update - They love the church.. They are so happy, and
progressing. The mom is the only one holding back, but yesterday we
put a goal for them the 2nd of February to be baptized.. the whole
family together!! I can´t wait!!

Right now it´s a little tough finding people, but we have a family
night with a new family tonight that I´m super duper excited about.
Whenever I see other people learning and growing and converting to the
truth I just get all happy and excited. I love this area!!!!

Yesterday I taught Sunday School... surprise right?? It went well. We
also had a member invite us to lunch (well we invited ourselves cause
our cocinera wasn´t home), then they invited us to dinner too... It
was fabulous!! ps I love eggs and beans and platanos with hot
tortillas!!!!!! My body just always craves that plate of food. Plus
cream and dry cheese on top. There is nothing else that I love more
than that!!!!!

I can´t really think of much else to write. just know that I´m happy,
healthy, speaking spanish like a maniac, serving, loving, and all that
good stuff. I know what I´m doing is the best thing that I could
possibly be doing.

The kid running this internet cafe and I just talked for the first 30
minutes we were here and just asked me all kinds of questions. But he
asked me if I had ever doubted or regretted what I have been doing for
14 months. I told him ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, I never want to go
home. From time to time I have dreams about being home, and I had one
this week. I woke up bawling. That was one of the saddest ones I had
ever had. Oh man I hated it.

Just so you know, I have the strongest testimony of this church. It is
the true church of Jesus Christ. God tells me every single day. He
loves me, and you. Jesus Christ lives, He is the Son of God. He
suffered and died for us. Í´m so happy here in Guatemala. I love being
a representative of Jesus Christ. Thank you for the prayers, letters,
and love. I can feel it.

Do something nice for someone today!!

*Elder Jensen

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