Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hoy si puedo escribirles.
Haha everyone says "hoy si."

I love being Guatemalan. This week was a good one. I´ve never been this tired in my entire life. We saw some miracles, taught some people, loved, served, and all kinds of other stuff.

Changes are coming this Wednesday and they don´t tell us until tonight what the dealio is. For sure one of us is out of the area. We came in together, and now that we finished the training, it´s one of us out. I think I´m out. Word on the street is that they are giving me another greenie.
Our mission is receiving SO many missionaries. Right now we have about 180, 9 go home on wed and 25 come in. CRAZY! The Lord is accelerating the work. It makes me all fuzzy inside. I don´t know what´s going to happen. I guess you will have to wait a week to see.
The Fam Sanchez is progressing so much!!! They love church... well the husband, the wife hasn´t gone yet, but we are having a noche de hogar with them tonight! He even payede some fast offerings. I like baptizing, but even better, I love having converts. He accepted a baptismal date for the 26th, tonight we are going to see what the rest of the family says. For this reason, I don´t want to leave my area. I´m scared...
Elder Barnes didn´t get back from Guatemala City until Tuesday morning. This week feels all messed up because of that! Then Thursday we went to Mazatenango for a multi zone conference with Presidente Maravilla. It was one of the best conferences ever. I loved it. Any chance I get to listen to that man I just soak it up. I love him so much. He goes home in July or June or whenever... I will cry lots.
Surprise surprise!! I spoke in church yesterday. It´s something I enjoy. I also taught Gospel Principles. I love that class.
I don´t really remember much else about this week. Just that I loved it... and I´ll never get to live it again. I´m so happy being a representative of Jesucristo. I´ve changed the way I introduce myself this week. Instead of saying, "Hello, I´m Elder Jensen, a representative of the church....." now I say, "hello, I´m Elder Jensen, a representative of Jesus Christ and His church here on the earth." In the conference President talked a lot about our calling and who we really represent. I bear my testimony to the people before I even start explaining stuff.
I know I represent God´s Kingdom here on earth. I preach "las buenas nuevas." I am a child of God. He loves me. Wants me to be happy. He sent His son. He suffered for us. He loves us. I love you all, I want you to be happy.
Be good this week. Do the basics - read, pray, go to church.
no pictures today, sometimes Guatemala doesn´t like to read my memory card. oh well, I still love you Guatemala!!!

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