Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Cookin?

What´s cookin?

I´m sitting here in this internet cafe just thinking and thinking and thinking about this past week... and I don´t remember anything. I hardly remember yesterday. This week was a good one. It feels like all the days just mashed into one.. I´m remebering now that last week was New Years. Ok.

Monday - Well for New Years we ate some sandwiches and more TAMALES. Yep, they make them for Christmas and New Years. I´m kinda bored of them.... We basically just chilled in our house and played Life (board game!). It was just chill and stuff... haha

Tuesday - just made me feel happy that I know the truth. We talked to some Jehovah´s Witness guy... he wouldn´t even pray with us. I´m so glad I know the truth!

Wednesday - We are teaching the Familia Sanchez. It´s a family of 8!! The parents and 6 kids from the ages 22 to 8. 1 girl, 5 boys. The dad is reading the Book of Mormon and praying and preparing to get baptized at the end of the month. They love the church!! Just the daughter and the mom aren´t really progressing, because they never have time to listen to us. Here in Guatemala the women just do all the housework while the man just waits for his food and tortillas... But I really love this family. Please pray for them!

Thursday - Was a hard day. We found a drunk member on the side of the road. It made me so so SO sad. 9 months without drinking. bummer. But we are working with him. It taught me to trust in God more, to never skip a prayer, and strengthened my desire to be perfectly obedient. God works in mysterious ways. Through trials of people we love, we can learn too.

Friday - I took a 30 second break to think about Friday and I don´t remember it.... sorry. haha But it was a good day!!! oh oh I remember... we contacted our next door neighbor. She said the missionaries had NEVER passed by there to share a message with her. We were the firsts! Sometimes the people right under our noses are the people the are prepared, but Satan just puts thoughts in our mind like, "why would you contact right by your house, every other missionary did the same."  Don´t listen to that!! or he might say, "dont give a Book of Mormon to your neighbor, they probably have 30." New goal - Share the gospel with the ones closest to you. SHOW THE LOVE!

Saturday - I don´t remember either. We invited a ton of people to church and talked to a lot of people. I love talking to people!

Sunday - Almost all of the Familia Sanchez came to church. It was a great testimony meeting, it always is! I love this branch so so much. It´s a great place. We got home from church and we got a call that said that Elder Barnes had to go to Reu, then to Guatemala City to sign some paper for his passport or who knows what... so right now I´m with another elder called Elder Robledo from Mexico. Yesterday we spent the day in another area called Rio Bravo while our companions went off to Reu. They should be getting back any time now, I wanna go to my house!!

Today is Monday, we haven´t done anything. I just ate a hamburger, fries, and a shake. I sure love the shakes here aka licuado.

I love you all so much. This past week was a good one, and it can only get better. I love being a missionary. I never want to come home. I love the Guatemalan people more that anyone. That love grows every day. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. The small and simple things bring to pass the big things (I can only think of that saying in spanish..I had to translate it, sorry if it doesn´t make sense).

God´s kingdom is here on the earth, and I am a representative of it. I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on this whole entire earth. I know it, I live it, I love it. I have been studying the conference talks and I know we have a living prophet. Under the direction of Jesus Christ, he directs the church. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I KNOW IT!!!!!! I also know that God loves us, He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to suffer for us and help us reach exaltation.

I love you so much. I felt like I needed to bear a big testimony today.. so I did. There aren´t pictures today, I accidently left my camera in my house. I´ll take some good ones this week.

Be of good cheer, and always look upwards. With lots and lots of love from Guatemala.

Hasta la proxima.

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