Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey... what´s happenin!?

I don´t feel like I have much to write today... just HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! you betcha!!! It´s 2013.. almost.

This past week was a good one. We talked to eachother.. That was fun. We also worked really hard and found a family of 8 people that really want to know the truth. 3 of their kids went to church... (the whole family was going to go, but the dad went shopping early in the morning and never came back). bummer. But there is always next week. 

Yesterday the sunday school teacher leaned over to me and told me she was going to leave, and handed me the lesson manual... so I taught sunday school. It was good. The people in the branch like to participate so I like teaching. We talked a lot about prayer which was really good. I learned a lot. Then we had planned with our Branch President that I was going to teach Priesthood and Relief Society. So I did.... hahaha it was just a full day of teaching. There are 4 missionaries in the ward... but they always turn to me to teach. Maybe they like it when I "machete" them. (it´s like scold... you understand).

I really like being a missionary. Yesterday we were talking to a lady in a tortilla stand.. and I asked her if I could make a tortilla. So I did it. It wasn´t perfectly roud, but my skills are getting better. Then she gave us some tortillas with cheese. Nothing better. 

Then last night I killed a rooster. with a knife. I cut it´s main vein in the neck... yikes.

Elder Barnes and I had a really good week, we taught a lot of people. I love teaching from the scriptures. It makes me happy and I love answering questions. My teaching is getting better and better. I´m more patient, I love more. I have changed so much this year. It´s been a good one. This next year will be even better though. I´m so excited for 2013. 

Put goals this year to be better, more commited, more friendly, serve more, and love more. -How many apples come from one seed? we may never know.

I love you all so much. I know the church is true, the scriptures are the word of God. We are so blessed to live on this earth and be guided by a living prophet today. God loves us, He lives, and I love Him.

I love you all so much and I hope this year is a great one!!! Be happy!!

Elder Jensen

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